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The Tarkwa Bay trip 

Hello Everyone. Happy happy new year. Late, I know.. But happy new year again 😂. 

In light of the new year, owning a blog is part of my bucket list so, here we are! 

2017 came in not-a-smiling way for me. In a not-so-rude shock so, no resolution for the year ;more like that day. I only promised to make more friends, go on more tours, be a better friend, show more love and do so many firsts this year. It’s more like a wakabout year ahead, hopefully. 

So, when I saw the tarkwa bay opportunity on irinajo(the journey) ‘s TL, I jumped at it. At first, I was very excited I’d be going to the beach but when the day drew closer, I started developing cold feet. For a good reason actually. 

I’m a bit of an extremist when I meet people for the first time (with people generally).  I could be very quiet all through or be the talkative. I’m yet to find out what triggers either personality. So, I was kind of curious myself that I’d just go there to have zero fun. 

The meeting point was Fiki Marines;opposite law school in Victoria island. We agreed to meet for 10am but as you know we’re Nigerians so, we didn’t take off until around some minutes past 12.

The boat ride lasted for about 20 minutes from the Fiki Marines point. Even though that wasn’t my first boat ride and except for the (fine) uncle ‘franking’ his face beside me, I enjoyed it because of the lovely set of people in the boat with me. I think they were just adventure-ready.

We had to walk through the water when we arrived the beach because the tide was against us plus there were guys willing to carry you through the water for N500. In my mind, I was like N500 because??  

There was this guy who came to say hello because my face looked familiar to him (trust me, he’s never seen me before.. I know). I told him I’d hold his hand as we passed through. He officially became my trip bestie. One leg dipped into the water, it was as if the water would ‘carry’ me away. I more like begged the N500 guy to carry me and my thoughts changed to ‘Please, what is the worth of N500 to my life? E dákun ‘ I didn’t even care that people were watching. After all, Aìlèsòrò n’ìbèrè oríburúkú.

The high point of my day was the fact that I made friends with these two wonderful girls – Chinyere and Itohan. I told them I’d be tagging along with them for the day and they were cool with it. They were so nice to have offered me part of their kilishi. 

We got some beach seats and in no time, the (dry) DJ started playing music.

There was small chops, jollof rice&plantain, soft drinks and booze for all. Some came with ludo, ayo,whot, and other known games. There were also interesting items being sold at the beach -bracelets, beach hats at ridiculously cheap prices. 

Chinyere suggested we walked to the first end of the beach where there were big rocks and lovely sights. We were able to see the Atlantic City(read Bar beach) while standing on the rocks. I personally think the tarkwa beach is the other end of bar beach 

Chinyere had a camera so were able to capture some really lovely sights. When returning, we met two photographers who took shots of us while jumping into the air. We told them to go with us to the other end of the beach which they agreed to. 

The other end was even more fun, trust me. It had higher waves and all these fearless oyinbos were surfing on the high wave waters. I couldn’t even tell my mother I was going to the beach. She’d beg me not to enter water and these ones were surfing 🏄 like they had two lives? 

Thanks to @ovyay and @101xryztalcreatives. They totally made my day. They tried to bring out the models in we girls. You would have been proud of me taking pictures in the water 💦. I’ll definitely share the pictures when they’re out. Need I mention that @101xryztalcreatives pays attention to very minute details? At some point I channeled the oyo girl in me and was like ‘o ma wa ga o’.
Long story short, tarkwa beach is a really beautiful place. Very under exploited though. The peace and calm by the water side is what I love. Major con is the fact that the beach is just naked. No side attractions that could make it interesting if you don’t go with your own music and games (what’s that?).  I saw some huts and small houses there too. Like it’s actually some people’s home towns. I wouldn’t mind sleeping and waking up by a water side everyday (until a shark comes to eat you up. 😂 😂). The experience brought out the child in me. Plus, I didn’t know anyone there. Who was I doing shakara for? 

I don’t mind doing another trip with irinajo tours. They only need to step up their game in controlling the crowd, enabling networking and organizing interesting games for everyone to participate. 

Do you want to go to tarkwa beach soon?

  • Please go with friends. 
  • Take some (plenty)  money along with you. So many goodies to buy 
  • Your beach/swimsuit could also come in handy 
  • A camera would be very useful too. You really want to capture those sights. 

Have you been to the tarkwa beach and you want to share your experience?  Please do. I would really love to hear from you. Xoxo 



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