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Lastma officials will always be Last men

I don’t like uniformed officials in Nigeria. Except for the Naval men and Pilots. Every other set, I dislike. Policemen. Army official. Customs official.LASTMA

LASTMA guys are actually the cause of this post. A simple question though. Why do they pray for the downfall of their fellow Nigerians? Other than that, what else? 

I boarded a bus from sabo to obalende with the driver shouting to everyone’s hearing that there was no busstop along the road. Moreso, a new penalty of N100k will be paid by defaulters. Meanwhile,there was this aboki guy who turned deaf ears to everything the driver said and forced his way through the window at a busstop full of policemen, soldiers and lastma officials. Long story short, he was arrested. Guess what again?  The driver was arrested alongside the aboki for letting his window be easily accessible for the aboki to jump out. I couldn’t even believe my ears. 

Why would you fault someone who had no control over what the mallam did?  Why?  Because of N100k you did not work for but are hungry to collect. Why again?  Because your ‘boss’ set a target for you to meet which you can only achieve by robbing innocent Nigerians. 

It’s a different case if the driver was at fault.  In this case, he wasn’t and the officials turned deaf ears to we the passengers telling it as it happened.

What do you think about LASTMA officials? Have you ever had a horrible experience with them?  Do share. I would love to hear from you. 




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