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Lagos Landlords 

All my life, I never thought I would leave my parent’s house before I got married to live on my own. It was like an abomination. No one had ever done that in my family in the past. But hey. I’m the pace setter. The rule breaker. 

Luckily for me, I got a job in Lagos, many kilometers away from where my parents built the family house. Still, I stayed with a family friend – Oghale for four wonderful months until she got married. Unfortunately for my parents (I don’t think it’s a fortunate situation for me anyway),  I don’t have aunties or uncles in Lagos. Left to my parents,they would have made me stay at one of these extended family members’ if possible sef. Oh well. 

I always thought that once you had your money, it would be easy for you to get the house of your choice easily. So, you can imagine my shock when after telling my agent I had N300k as my budget, he took me to this poverty-stricken looking, shrine look-alike house as the equivalent of my rent’s worth. This was at yaba o( I couldn’t even dream of living on the island with that salary ). Safe to even say some of these houses have no water -you have to buy a drum where you literally buy water for keeps. Show me those primary school teachers who told us water was a free/ natural resource. Amean….it’s annoying. Some other houses are called ‘flats’ but are actually built in face-me-i-face-you pattern. You literally can see everything your neighbor is doing. The annoying one is your window leading into someone else’s compound.  

Like you’re actually in the same house but not really in the same house. You’re confused?  So am I! 

Come two years after your stay in the house, wait for it… Your landlord increases your rent by 80-100% with zero improvement or renovation in the house o. 

There was even the story of a landlord I heard, he wanted to turn the two shops outside the tenants’ house to a flat so, he removed the roof off the tenants’ house, leaving just the asbestos. 😂 😂.  How crazy could that be? 

I think there should be laws against house owners doing whatever they liked which is not in favor of their tenants. Most Landlords know Accommodation in Lagos is a big deal and feel they can get away with anything.

I think it’s an individual issue. So many people’s lack empathy and act like they won’t have children of their own. Plus, tables turn anyway so.. Just that some of these people might not be alive to see the tables turn to their directions. 

Do you have a Lagos landlord story you’d like to share?  You know what to do. I would love to hear from you. 


P.S- One of the Landlord cases is my experience 😂 



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