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My Lekki Conservation center experience 

Holla Holla everyone.

Long time no see abi? I know. I know. I’ve been sooooo busy. Busier than the busy bee. It’s our busy season at work coupled with the fact that exams are coming up in a month so, baby girl has been reading.

Life right now is me going to work during the week -read in between -lectures during weekends and on and on it goes. That phase is almost over.. I know. Even I can’t wait.. Jesus didn’t die for my sins just so I can be living my life like that.

So, just to let off some steam and all, I went to the Lekki Conservation center over the weekend. I actually planned to go before now but nowadays, getting me out of my house is serious business. Not like I do anything spectacular at home other than sleep, sleep and more sleep. I forgot. Eat too. Did I mention that I’ve crossed over to a size 8? Somebody shout Hallelujah! The Lord finally did it.. 😂

It’s been a while I got excited about a trip like this. I was giggling all through the ride to LCC. I had initially googled and read reviews of people who had gone there before now so I knew I was going to have a great day.

I went there with a friend who’s not a Nigerian- he’s French so I had this patriotic pride on. He’s been wanting to do the whole Waka about around Lagos since he’d be saying bye bye 👋 to Nigeria in a couple of months and this felt like a perfect time.

First stop was at the entrance where we were directed to a reception to get our tickets. The ticket to see the conservation center was for a thousand Naira (1,000) and another thousand Naira (1,000) to do the canopy walk.

The LCC is 28 years old and was donated by Chevron. The tour guide said it was bought for N80,000 at the time. I’m so sure there was a zero return on investment for a really long time.

It’s no bother if you intend going alone because you have to wait for about 30minutes(Nigerian time) for a large number of people to gather before going into the park. I didn’t feel too good about the waiting period until I got into the park and saw that it was really not a bad idea.

It took us about 8-10 minutes to walk into the park then we got to some point where there was a separate path for those who wanted to do the canopy walk. The walk was restricted to people of ages 14 to 65. Guysss!! Even though I don’t think I would want to do the canopy walk again, it is like the highlight of the entire center. It’s the longest canopy walk in Africa and second highest in the world after the one in Malaysia. It’s about 401 meters long and has about 6 towers with entry and exit portals. Not more than 6 people were allowed to walk through each canopy at the same time because of the effect of the weight of people as the canopy swayed. Your home girl was just screaming all through the walk. My friend had walked through the one in Malaysia so he was more like a pro at this thing. In all honesty, I don’t think a 60 year old should step on that canopy. Òtá grandma èyàn lè lo ní heart attack! I felt so close to heaven at some point. Lol. I wish. I sha took a picture at the end of the walk. I can’t be screaming anyhow with nothing to show for it.

I took the picture just at the end of the canopy. Baby girl can’t come and die

Next stop was the floor games- majorly chess, draught, lawn tennis. I don’t think the games were done for anyone to really play because ain’t no one got time to play chess while standing for hours. Except for the volleyball ball court -maybe.

After here, we went to the fish ponds -two major ones. A tilapia and koi pond. I have never seen a koi fish or any specie so beautiful as it so it was definitely a first time. The tour guide said it wasn’t edible but I guessed he has never seen someone eat it before. Wetin Nigerians no fit chop? I didn’t get a clear picture of the fishes so, nothing to post.

There were empty family huts that could accommodate 6-8 people at a time. So, it’s a good place for family hang outs, birthdays and even photo shoots.

It’s not a zoo, so we didn’t see many animals around save for monkeys and a crocodile that came out to play 😂. Plus, it was so sunny so, most of the animals go to hide under the shade.

Next stop was the tree house. This was another part of the center I enjoyed. My tour group was sooooo lively that even if you had plans of being an onlooker, you would change your mind. Plus, this life is too short not to do all of these things while you can!

The tree house is about 32feet above the ground and about 60 climbs to get to the top. I gave the tour guide to make a video of me climbing. The view was sooooo beautiful at the top. Very cool and serene. Made me feel like I was out of this noisy Lagos. I put my signature on one of the trees sha. DAMMY AASA WAS HERE. 😂. Took me back memory lane of my secondary school days. I took pictures with the group at the top of the tree but since I don’t know them and didn’t ask for their permission, I won’t be posting their pictures. Mi o le wa je gbese.

After the tree house, there were some bird houses that I didn’t bother to check. At this point, I was too tired. The walk back to the entrance seemed even longer than when we were coming. I kept hitting my foot on the floor.

The entire walk through the center -without a stop – was about 2hours 45minutes. I enjoyed it. For real. I got home and just slept through the rest of the day. Veryyyyyy necessary.

Quick tips if you want to go to LCC

  • Don’t go when the weather is bad. Everywhere would be slippery and you’ll definitely not be allowed to do the canopy walk which is actually the greatest fun (to me anyway)
  • Go with water. Water and lots of water. I went with a bottle of juice and I regretted it. I could have swapped it for a bottle of water if I possible
  • Preferably, put on a pair of sneakers and shorts/trousers -if you’re a lady. If you don’t do trousers, atleast, put on a pair of panty hose beneath your gown or skirt so you can do the climb
  • There’s a barbecue/suya spot at the center but you can go with your snacks if you like. People could be very many at the barbecue spot.

Did I enjoy it? Of course. That’s like stating the obvious even.

What do you think? Would you love to go to LCC? I would love to hear from you.

Up the tree house



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