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Our cancer survival anniversary 

Holla Holla. Whozzop people. 😂 😂. 

Eggzam is in two days but right now, my head doesn’t want to hear of it. 

Anyway is sha a way. We’ll pass whatever way.

Today officially makes it 14 years my mum survived cancer. It’s still a very sad story in my house though my mum says her children must throw her a party for it when she’s 60. Lol. So much for a sad story. 

I was in JSS3 that year at FGGC OYO and I was still very much in my shell. Not this Dammy you all know now so nobody in school knew what was going on with me. I wasn’t told she was sick or anything ; I only noticed she stopped coming for my visiting days. Instead, my aunty does. 

First thing that aroused my suspicion was the 2 sets of provision I was given. Milo -2, milk -2, goldenmorn -2,etc. Then I went home for mid-term break and I was told she traveled. To where!!?? I’m pretty close to my mum and at that point, I knew something was wrong. I just couldn’t place my finger on what it was. 

My mum couldn’t bear the thought of not seeing her children again if whatever happened so, she asked to see us. She was looking so pale and weak and I couldn’t help but cry. You would think there was a tank of tears placed inside my eye prior to that moment. 

I had my Jssce WAEC coming up after then and my mum made me promise her that I’d put in my best efforts. 

It was very much later that I was told the full story of what happened at the hospital. How she went into a coma as she tried to get up on her feet two days after her surgery, when one of the doctors shouted at her to go clean herself up at the bathroom. How she saw dead people being taken out of the ward on a daily basis and the thought of her being next. How my dad fought the doctor when he heard the cause of her comatose and accused him of wanting to kill his wife(I love that part of the story 😂 ).

Some months after the surgery, she had some new diagnosis of her pancreas being burnt by excessive rays during her radiotherapy. So,another journey to(with) diabetes. 

I had totally forgotten about the whole phase of her life until this morning when she called to remind me of it. She made it so easy not to even know she went through all that because after the whole process, she continued her life as it was -work, shop, trading, taking care of her kids and all. The daily drug intakes, constant mammogram and medical check ups are what you get to remember of the cancer. 

On a general note, being diagnosed of cancer in Nigeria isn’t beans if you’re not rich (to be flown abroad for special health treatment), you don’t have a good support system in terms of family and you don’t have a constant source of income. Like, that’s the end. 

I’m so grateful that we were blessed with excessive love and support from family -My uncles, aunties, dad and mum’s friends. Most of these people are part of the reasons why I still have a mum, after God actually. It actually took a village (of family and friends)  to raise my younger brother and I. True friendships are always worth it. 

I’m grateful for my dad too -(he loves to act like James Bond) who made the sacrifice of moving from kaduna to stay with the family in Lagos because of her health (talk about compromise).

 I’m forever grateful to God for making her alive up until this day, raising her babies and showing His glory. I’m also grateful that He will let her live 50 more years. 

Cheers to long life and a cancer free generation. 



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