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Isoken, Waxing and what nots

I love love stories and happy endings. 

Heyyyy guys!!

Since exams are over which means no lectures during weekends which automatically means idle time, I had to go to the movies to save myself. I went to see Isoken. It was produced by Jade Osiberu and if you saw Gidi up,the Web series, you’ll totally agree that she’s a great film producer.

This is my first movie review so, I hope it flows well.

Isoken is the story of a 34-going-on-35 year old lady,Isoken(Dakore Egbunson-Akande),who’s still single and just had her youngest sister get married. She handles it well until the ‘eeyas’,’God will do your own’, ‘You shouldn’t be serving guests at your younger sister’s wedding ‘ and other annoying remarks get to her. Her situation is not helped with the overbearing and blunt mother she has who doesn’t fail to ridicule her for not having a man and tries to hook her up with a family friend, Osaze(Joseph Benjamin) at the party.

Osaze is an IJGB who is successful, handsome and ‘from a good home’ as it were. Emotions begin to build up between Osaze and Isoken until Kevin (Mark Rhys) comes into the picture. Isoken and Kevin meet at laundromat where he gives her the thongs she forgot in the machine but found that quite Embarrassing. Kevin is a white guy, very witty and doesn’t just know when to stop. 

Isoken is herself around him, finds him easy to tell her fears and doesn’t feel the pressure to please him. Before we can say the word -Isoken, she’s torn between the two guys. Osaze, because he’s a family friend and she wouldn’t want to ruin important relationships and Kevin, who she truly loves. 

On her 35th birthday, Osaze asks her to marry him and due to the pressure from everyone saying yes around her,she agrees. Kevin leaves the party obviously unhappy. 

Isoken gets another chance to see Kevin again at the baby naming ceremony of one of her best friends where he reassures her of his love and begged her to choose their love and not to go ahead with the wedding with Osaze. Isoken eventually breaks up her engagement to Osaze on the night of their pre-wedding dinner which was a week to the wedding, tells her family about her love for Kevin then went to spill the good news to Kevin. 

Isoken is a very beautiful,witty movie which addressed real life issues going on with men and women of marriageable age. I love love stories. The movie will definitely get you stay glued to the screen until the end.It talks about the pressure, having friends to talk to, the joys(or not) of an extended family and all. My best parts are the random talks Isoken had with her friends. I like gist so…here we go. 

Waxing– This came up when Isoken told her girls- Agnes, Ajoke ( Funke Akindele, Lydia Forson and Damilola Adegbite) about her plan to visit Osaze in his house. They then tell her to go for waxing so she could be prepared for the ‘action’ when Osaze asks for sex. Isoken says she finds it painful and in all honesty, so do I. I have done it once and I didn’t find it funny. My friend says it’s probably because it was my first time but I don’t intend to do that soon. The pain was unbearable. I could probably do that for DFH though. The pain will definitely be worth it. 😂 

Naija girls dating oyinbos- Ajoke feels dating white guys is kind of an inferiority complex and the thought of mixed race kids irks her. I’ve had this conversation with my girls and even though I have my reservations about dating white guys, I don’t understand the thought that surrounds it. I remember going to the LCC with my french friend, Joan and the stares I got from people. I wasn’t sure if the stares meant that I hit jackpot or that I’m using him as my Maga. Smh. 

Dating more than one guy at the same time so long you’re not sleeping with the other. Lol. At the point Isoken was confused about who to choose between the two guys, Lydia Forson was like -it’s not like she’s engaged to any of them yet and as long as she’s sleeping with just one of the guys and not both of them at the same time, it wasn’t a bad idea. Lol. Why would you want to put yourself in such wahala?  Well.. What do you think about that? 

The Significant Other visiting the parents – I felt a bit uncomfortable for Osaze when he went to visit Isoken at her parents’ for the first time and her dad asked of his intention for his daughter. I think he handled that part like a boss. Only one guy who has visited me at my parents’ and I have also gone to his. This was in 2012 and I thought he was the loml. Lol. Let me keep my thoughts on this for now.

The spiritual aunty- There  was a particular aunty always skabashing in the family and talks about Isoken having a spiritual husband because she wasn’t married. She makes an attempt to use her anointing oil on everything at the slightest opportunity and I think every family has one of that. I have an aunty who’s worse than Isoken’s and I used to feel a little guilty before. Nowadays, not anymore. 

Isoken’s dad- Isokens dad was very supportive all the way. Gave her no pressure and no stress at all. He stood by her when she said oyinbo was who she wanted to marry and all. My dad is just as supportive. We quarrel every time but I must give that to him. His support is so massive. I don’t know if I’ll still get the same if I bring an oyinbo home sha.

Not shooting your shot– Isoken’s PA, Abimbola Craig had this colleague, Akahn nnani who was all over her but she felt he was boring, churchy and all those funny excuses so she didn’t give him face. By the time she wanted to give him a chance, she finds out he now has a girlfriend and she was quite shocked. This brings me to wondering what women want in a man. Why using him for shakara when you knew you liked him?  Just shoot (take) your shot now. That person can’t wait forever, you know. 

I think some people are really lucky to get married to their true love. In reality, not everyone does. 
Isoken wasn’t a waste of my N1,500 so, I’ll rate it an 8/10.

What do you think guys? 



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2 thoughts on “Isoken, Waxing and what nots

  1. Really lovely style. I like the way you relate some of the highlights to your personal experiences. You should definitely write more frequently


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