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Death pangs and the feel

Hello people. 

Today is a sad one for me. Really sad actually. I must confess that it is very difficult for me to put this piece together.

Usually, when I am home doing nothing other than sleep during the weekend, I go through social media and catch up with whatever I am missing. 

It was a different one for me today because Facebook had Olumide had just one person’s face all over it. You guessed right -He died.

Olumide and I were classmates at Ife and he was one of the brightest ones. We were close at some point in 100level and it was very obvious he had big plans for his future. We drifted apart after school because life happened to every one of us. While I changed career line to Finance through ACCA while studying for my MSc in UI, Olumide went to South Africa for his pre-Msc before he started his PhD. Communication was not really great but he tried his best to keep in touch through Facebook and Twitter. He visited about two IDP camps last year to share his ready to eat food in order to combat malnutrition. 

So, you can imagine my shock when I read many tributes to him. This was someone I did catch up with two months with, including his plans, girls, etc. I still can’t believe he’s dead. The thing is, when one sees RIP on people’s pictures, one isn’t really moved probably because he’s not someone known to us. This was different because Olumide was my friend for the better part of my undergrad life. He had ‘sense’ in every meaning of the word. Words fail me, to be honest. 

Sometimes, it seems like God doesn’t make sense even though I know He does but I can’t lie that Olumide’s death is not raising so many questions in my heart to God. 

His death has also made me know life is real and death, even more. I am very scared.  More like -is this how people die?  Why would God allow him get to this stage before taking him?

I know all hidden things are known to God, I just wish I could have answers to these questions. 

I love you Olumide. I know you are in a better place now, at peace even.  I pray you rest in peace and God grants your family the fortitude to bear this loss.

Kindly say a word of prayer for Olumide’s family. 

Adieu Midy.



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