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Half year review 2- Goodbye 2017

Hello people. This is the final review of my 2017 second half. Read my review of the first half here

This might be pretty long. 6months, you know. Some events might also have reversed by the end of this review as I penned things as they happened during the course of the year.


I must confess, I live life one day at a time now. Gone are the days when I used to write out things I wanted to happen before the end of each year. I get heartbroken πŸ’” 9 out of 10 times so,why not live?

I got my results on the 17the and baby girl passed her exams. Yippee. One paper to being chartered.

I spent the better part of this month at Ebun’s place. I had moved to my house last month, true, but I still had a lot of stuff to fix-Burglary, net, ceiling fans, painting etc. These stuffs took about 2 weeks in all then I moved in finally on the 17th. You guys should say a big thanks to Ebun for me. Annoying most times but she’s a life saver nevertheless.

There was this Thursday night my friends and I went to hang out at Bottles. We actually went to Ntyce first before heading for Bottles. It was mad mad fun. Been a while I danced crazy like that. No, I wasn’t high. I don’t drink though, it’s part of my bucket list and I’d rather do that in the company of someone I trust totally. Last time I had that kind of fun was in April, on Jasmine’s birthday at Slay lounge. I didn’t feel the effect of the dance until the second day when I couldn’t move my body. Lol.

Other parts of the month was for preparing for my last exam.


I wrote my last exam on the 4th and I can’t deny the fact that it felt as if a burden was taken off my head. ACCA is actually stress. I will someday write about my ACCA journey -my gains, losses and pains during the process. Right now, we celebrate. Not yet though. Probably when the results are out. Only problem I have now is where to divert all this weekend energy to. I’m used to going for weekend lectures and now that I have some spare time, I don’t know what to do. Specific suggestions?

Let me make a confession – I hate the ember months. Like, totally. It just has a way of making me feel depressed because the year will be coming to an end with nothing much to show for it. Yes, I don’t write down stuffs to do for the year but there’s no denying that I have expectations before the year ends. We move anyway.

Organized Ebun’s bridal shower for 23rd and boy was she happy. Baby girl is becoming a Mrs on October 2nd. I’m too happy for her. Lol.


Someone said something amazing today and he blew my mind. It was a colleague at work. We were just chatting randomly and he goes -“Dammy, you are a source of encouragement to me. It’s like you have this whole thing called life figured out. Doing very well on the job, have an MSc, good relationship and you’re even chartered already”.


Lol. Please laugh with me everyone.

I’m happy to be an encouragement to him but If only he knew my life isn’t as perfect as he painted it. I’m getting tired of the job and I doubt that he knows I’m not in a relationship. Or that I’m so emotional and I cry a lot. My face and naughtiness probably makes everyone think everything with me is perfect. Lol. I saw something about that on Twitter by @fkabudu. “Stop getting distracted by other people’s achievements. You don’t know their story. You have your own work to do.”

That there, summed up my September. By the way, I’m tired of Adulting. Can I just restart the whole thing? O su mi mehn


Issa Chartered akantant!! I was literally overwhelmed with love and gratitude this month. Do remind you that I have the best parents /family? The support from them have been so massive. Especially my dad who pushes me, against my will beyond my limits. My dad literally put it on the family whatsapp group and everyone took turns to call me. I felt loved sha. On the other hand, I didn’t feel extra a day after. Life just continued. Reminds me that you shouldn’t place your joy on any life achievement. Don’t say you’ll be happy when this and that happens. That stuff happens then what next? New goals. Please, don’t tell me you’ll place your happiness on the next goal.

Nothing much happened here. Like, it just came and went. Nothing spectacular


This one came with the realization of the year coming to an end. Like fr? The devil almost came to take my joy away by reminding me of what I am yet to achieve. Again, family came through. While I understand that the love from my family is as a result of intentional work and criticism on themselves, I really hope my future family have this kind of love among us. From my lips to God’s ears πŸ˜‚.

Christmas was lit. I went to shows and almost finished my salary before the month even ended. I went for Simi’s see me live, Adekunle Gold’s one night stand (ONSWAG), Fela’s kalakuta stage play, and a lovely spa session. Oh, I saw Jumanji too. Took me right back to childhood. I think this is my best adult Christmas. No doubts.

I wish you all the best 2018. May all our heart desires be granted and may we all have cause to sing and dance for joy in the new year. Amen.


Love and light, always.

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My half year review 😂Β 

Holla Holla.

June has come.. Ended too. Most times, at the end of each year, I look back and it seems like I’ve done nothing all year. I probably get too overwhelmed trying to recall what I’ve done. And I know why. It’s usually because I (people) don’t seem to know what I’ve done with my life if I’ve not reached some crazy landmarks -finish my exams, traveled many countries,achieved some land breaking feats, resigned from my job to start my business, etcetera. But hey, it’s fine.. Little drops of water make an ocean. So, I’ll be doing a monthly review of my year. Basically, how I coped this year.

P.S This review started in January so, some stuffs might have been reversed before the end of the year.

P.S.S this is quite lengthy.


  • 1st of January- For the first time in my life, I started the year on a bad,bleak and lonely note. I made a big decision prior to the 1st which was actually a big deal to me because I thought this was everything I had prayed for but well, life isn’t always perfect right?? Right??? You take some Ls sometimes.

And even though I was lodged in one of the costliest hotels in Abuja, it felt so sad,cold and everything in-between. I called my friend-call him B (he used to be the closest friend I had at some point) to give him a breakdown of what was going on with me -until talks between us took another interesting turn and I was like.. Okay, 2017 can do whatever it likes.

So, since I started the year on a bad note, I didn’t do any resolution radarada. I just wanted to be done with the year already. Lol.

  • 3rd of January -Kabir traveled to the US for his MSc. I might not be lucky in so many things in this life but I’m darn lucky with my inner circle(friends) . There was a point where Kabir was the only one(read Ebun too)holding down the circle. His departure left me with a mixed feeling sort of – I was very happy he had a chance to chase his dreams. Boy never gives up but I also knew I’d really miss him. Like really really really. That US has stolen too many people from me abeg. He proved me wrong though because even with the annoying time zone/difference, he was still one phone call /whatsapp message/imo away. He was annoying sometimes too. Many times actually. Plus he knows how to leave me alone when I’m not in a good mood. I’m just happy my friends are successful and living their dreams.

28th- I went for this Irinajo trip to tarkwa bay. That was the beginning of my Waka about this year and boy did I love it! I met four people during the trip -two guys among them who eventually became my good friends.

  • Other days in January

Overall, it was a month I cried the most. It was just bleak for me kind of. Tears well up my eyes so quickly these days. But I wasn’t ready to let that make me bitter so,we move. I eventually came up with a resolution /to do list for the year.


For some days in the month, I woke up like I was going to take over the world which I did. For other days, I woke up feeling tired and annoyed. My mood swings on me like that. For no reason. I used to think something was wrong with me until I spoke to someone about it and told me it was completely normal. On such days, I just pray in tongues(it works guys!) and download a new album of an unknown artist. Works for me sha. All the time. Plus, I feel I have this trademark of God over me. One that says -‘Girl, you’re mine. I’m never letting you go.’ I felt this way a lot in February and God did come through.


I went on a getaway trip with a friend. Lollllll. Even I shock myself sometimes. He had been asking me for a time out since January so one day, I woke up and said -why not? It was by a beach side. Really beautiful. I didn’t regret it one bit.

Work became really crazy at some point too. Like back to back engagements. I almost broke into two. Lol. I couldn’t wait for the month to be over plus the next was my birthday month. Whoop whoop!


Birthday month! πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ I thought of what to do for my birthday this year and it was so hard making a choice. I had an option to either do a nice spa, photo shoot, travel to Dubai( a friend-who is French by the way,promised to cover most of my expenses) or do a photo shoot. I would have loved to go to Dubai o.. Just for a minute atleast but my head just kept spinning. What if I was kidnapped? What if…. Have I mentioned how these what I ifs eventually rape me to making some funny decisions? Smh

I eventually settled for a photoshoot. Make up by my home girl -Tobi. She glammed me up that I couldn’t even recognize myself

Finished product

I get a bit sober when it’s my birthday month. I really don’t know why. I went to shaunz bar with the girls(Jasmine and Jumoke) a day after my birthday but it didn’t really go as planned, though we had some fun. The used-to-be best friend of January- B also called me. It was a surprise kind of because I thought our friendship was done. But some friendships never die. I’m not exactly sure what ship it is even. Tbh, he made my day. Plus, he still has a way of making me blush πŸ˜‚. But some things are better left unsaid.

22nd – Jasmine’s birthday. We went to celebrate her at Slay lounge. Did karaoke too. We literally counted down to her birthday-Mad fun. I got home past midnight and I raced to my house immediately the uber guy dropped me off. I love that girl and I can’t say why. She’s one of the few colleagues I can open up to,without shame and with all honesty.

Karaoke night

22nd– My baby girl Christy bagged her PhD. Lol. You’d have thought I was the owner of the degree. I was too happy mehn. I’m just so grateful my friends are successful in their areas. Trust me, if you’re the only successful one among your friends, it’d be so difficult for you to enjoy life. Well..except you change your friends sha. There’s one more person’s PhD I’m waiting out for. πŸ˜‰

Dr Christy!


I started to house hunt. It’s a scary thing for a typical Lagosian. Just pray you find a house comfortable enough for you to live until you build your own house. Where I stay isn’t bad but the area is rough and even my dad won’t come for a visit until I moved. Lol.

I eventually found one. Did I also mention that I’ve got the best parents(even though we quarrel steadily) that come through for me all the time!

I went to lekki Conservation center with Joan(the French guy). You should visit too. Lovely experience. You can read about my experience here.


Exam month. I’m tired of these exams, God knows even though my restless self won’t stop here.


I finally submitted my application for Stanford’s MBA fellowship program after procrastinating my essay and resume to forever. I had already submitted when I saw the fellowship was for people who are not financially stable. Lol. I was too sincere in my application but if I had seen that clause earlier, I wouldn’t have applied at all in the first instance.

Did I mention that this month is the brokest I’ve ever been? I experienced brokelyn even though I’m still in Lagos. I’m too ashamed to even ask my folks for anything. Lol. Please, let me suffer in silence this time.


Remember my home girl -Tobi? She came through for me today. She was my bunkmate in predegree and we were like cat and dog. She came back into my life at the right time I needed her. 😘 😘.

Sometime during the course of the month

Someone told me I was forming and act like I’m an innocent human. Lol. By the way, that’s like the second person telling me that within the space of 6 months. Lol. I’m not an angel. I’m as human as human can be and I’ve made some stupid wrong choices I’m not proud of-well, in my life’s context and that I wouldn’t want to share with anyone. Feel free to assume the bad choices πŸ˜‚. However, I would never be caught dead doing some things. So, that settles that.

Other days of the month

I almost lost my faith this month. I got tired of praying and asking God for some mountains to be moved. I lost at the final stages of two projects I’ve been working on for about a year now. At some point, when I attempted to pray, I didn’t even know what to ask for. Like –God, refer to all my past supplication. I still believe I’m God’s favorite because at any point I want to let go, He just shows up.

I also believe He makes everything beautiful at His own time. I’m grateful for life and my parents -I can never take them for granted. I have learnt that it’s okay not to achieve your dreams when you expect and not to beat yourself up about it. Just take life one step at a time.

I hope the remaining half of this year come with all the answers to all the questions/prayers raised in the half year. One, full of laughter, joy, hope, love and forever goodness.

Happy new month everyone.


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Isoken, Waxing and what nots

I love love stories and happy endings. 

Heyyyy guys!!

Since exams are over which means no lectures during weekends which automatically means idle time, I had to go to the movies to save myself. I went to see Isoken. It was produced by Jade Osiberu and if you saw Gidi up,the Web series, you’ll totally agree that she’s a great film producer.

This is my first movie review so, I hope it flows well.

Isoken is the story of a 34-going-on-35 year old lady,Isoken(Dakore Egbunson-Akande),who’s still single and just had her youngest sister get married. She handles it well until the ‘eeyas’,’God will do your own’, ‘You shouldn’t be serving guests at your younger sister’s wedding ‘ and other annoying remarks get to her. Her situation is not helped with the overbearing and blunt mother she has who doesn’t fail to ridicule her for not having a man and tries to hook her up with a family friend, Osaze(Joseph Benjamin) at the party.

Osaze is an IJGB who is successful, handsome and ‘from a good home’ as it were. Emotions begin to build up between Osaze and Isoken until Kevin (Mark Rhys) comes into the picture. Isoken and Kevin meet at laundromat where he gives her the thongs she forgot in the machine but found that quite Embarrassing. Kevin is a white guy, very witty and doesn’t just know when to stop. 

Isoken is herself around him, finds him easy to tell her fears and doesn’t feel the pressure to please him. Before we can say the word -Isoken, she’s torn between the two guys. Osaze, because he’s a family friend and she wouldn’t want to ruin important relationships and Kevin, who she truly loves. 

On her 35th birthday, Osaze asks her to marry him and due to the pressure from everyone saying yes around her,she agrees. Kevin leaves the party obviously unhappy. 

Isoken gets another chance to see Kevin again at the baby naming ceremony of one of her best friends where he reassures her of his love and begged her to choose their love and not to go ahead with the wedding with Osaze. Isoken eventually breaks up her engagement to Osaze on the night of their pre-wedding dinner which was a week to the wedding, tells her family about her love for Kevin then went to spill the good news to Kevin. 

Isoken is a very beautiful,witty movie which addressed real life issues going on with men and women of marriageable age. I love love stories. The movie will definitely get you stay glued to the screen until the end.It talks about the pressure, having friends to talk to, the joys(or not) of an extended family and all. My best parts are the random talks Isoken had with her friends. I like gist so…here we go. 

Waxing– This came up when Isoken told her girls- Agnes, Ajoke ( Funke Akindele, Lydia Forson and Damilola Adegbite) about her plan to visit Osaze in his house. They then tell her to go for waxing so she could be prepared for the ‘action’ when Osaze asks for sex. Isoken says she finds it painful and in all honesty, so do I. I have done it once and I didn’t find it funny. My friend says it’s probably because it was my first time but I don’t intend to do that soon. The pain was unbearable. I could probably do that for DFH though. The pain will definitely be worth it. 😂 

Naija girls dating oyinbos- Ajoke feels dating white guys is kind of an inferiority complex and the thought of mixed race kids irks her. I’ve had this conversation with my girls and even though I have my reservations about dating white guys, I don’t understand the thought that surrounds it. I remember going to the LCC with my french friend, Joan and the stares I got from people. I wasn’t sure if the stares meant that I hit jackpot or that I’m using him as my Maga. Smh. 

Dating more than one guy at the same time so long you’re not sleeping with the other. Lol. At the point Isoken was confused about who to choose between the two guys, Lydia Forson was like -it’s not like she’s engaged to any of them yet and as long as she’s sleeping with just one of the guys and not both of them at the same time, it wasn’t a bad idea. Lol. Why would you want to put yourself in such wahala?  Well.. What do you think about that? 

The Significant Other visiting the parents – I felt a bit uncomfortable for Osaze when he went to visit Isoken at her parents’ for the first time and her dad asked of his intention for his daughter. I think he handled that part like a boss. Only one guy who has visited me at my parents’ and I have also gone to his. This was in 2012 and I thought he was the loml. Lol. Let me keep my thoughts on this for now.

The spiritual aunty- There  was a particular aunty always skabashing in the family and talks about Isoken having a spiritual husband because she wasn’t married. She makes an attempt to use her anointing oil on everything at the slightest opportunity and I think every family has one of that. I have an aunty who’s worse than Isoken’s and I used to feel a little guilty before. Nowadays, not anymore. 

Isoken’s dad- Isokens dad was very supportive all the way. Gave her no pressure and no stress at all. He stood by her when she said oyinbo was who she wanted to marry and all. My dad is just as supportive. We quarrel every time but I must give that to him. His support is so massive. I don’t know if I’ll still get the same if I bring an oyinbo home sha.

Not shooting your shot– Isoken’s PA, Abimbola Craig had this colleague, Akahn nnani who was all over her but she felt he was boring, churchy and all those funny excuses so she didn’t give him face. By the time she wanted to give him a chance, she finds out he now has a girlfriend and she was quite shocked. This brings me to wondering what women want in a man. Why using him for shakara when you knew you liked him?  Just shoot (take) your shot now. That person can’t wait forever, you know. 

I think some people are really lucky to get married to their true love. In reality, not everyone does. 
Isoken wasn’t a waste of my N1,500 so, I’ll rate it an 8/10.

What do you think guys? 

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My Lekki Conservation center experienceΒ 

Holla Holla everyone.

Long time no see abi? I know. I know. I’ve been sooooo busy. Busier than the busy bee. It’s our busy season at work coupled with the fact that exams are coming up in a month so, baby girl has been reading.

Life right now is me going to work during the week -read in between -lectures during weekends and on and on it goes. That phase is almost over.. I know. Even I can’t wait.. Jesus didn’t die for my sins just so I can be living my life like that.

So, just to let off some steam and all, I went to the Lekki Conservation center over the weekend. I actually planned to go before now but nowadays, getting me out of my house is serious business. Not like I do anything spectacular at home other than sleep, sleep and more sleep. I forgot. Eat too. Did I mention that I’ve crossed over to a size 8? Somebody shout Hallelujah! The Lord finally did it.. πŸ˜‚

It’s been a while I got excited about a trip like this. I was giggling all through the ride to LCC. I had initially googled and read reviews of people who had gone there before now so I knew I was going to have a great day.

I went there with a friend who’s not a Nigerian- he’s French so I had this patriotic pride on. He’s been wanting to do the whole Waka about around Lagos since he’d be saying bye bye πŸ‘‹ to Nigeria in a couple of months and this felt like a perfect time.

First stop was at the entrance where we were directed to a reception to get our tickets. The ticket to see the conservation center was for a thousand Naira (1,000) and another thousand Naira (1,000) to do the canopy walk.

The LCC is 28 years old and was donated by Chevron. The tour guide said it was bought for N80,000 at the time. I’m so sure there was a zero return on investment for a really long time.

It’s no bother if you intend going alone because you have to wait for about 30minutes(Nigerian time) for a large number of people to gather before going into the park. I didn’t feel too good about the waiting period until I got into the park and saw that it was really not a bad idea.

It took us about 8-10 minutes to walk into the park then we got to some point where there was a separate path for those who wanted to do the canopy walk. The walk was restricted to people of ages 14 to 65. Guysss!! Even though I don’t think I would want to do the canopy walk again, it is like the highlight of the entire center. It’s the longest canopy walk in Africa and second highest in the world after the one in Malaysia. It’s about 401 meters long and has about 6 towers with entry and exit portals. Not more than 6 people were allowed to walk through each canopy at the same time because of the effect of the weight of people as the canopy swayed. Your home girl was just screaming all through the walk. My friend had walked through the one in Malaysia so he was more like a pro at this thing. In all honesty, I don’t think a 60 year old should step on that canopy. Γ’tΓ‘ grandma Γ¨yΓ n lΓ¨ lo nΓ­ heart attack! I felt so close to heaven at some point. Lol. I wish. I sha took a picture at the end of the walk. I can’t be screaming anyhow with nothing to show for it.

I took the picture just at the end of the canopy. Baby girl can’t come and die

Next stop was the floor games- majorly chess, draught, lawn tennis. I don’t think the games were done for anyone to really play because ain’t no one got time to play chess while standing for hours. Except for the volleyball ball court -maybe.

After here, we went to the fish ponds -two major ones. A tilapia and koi pond. I have never seen a koi fish or any specie so beautiful as it so it was definitely a first time. The tour guide said it wasn’t edible but I guessed he has never seen someone eat it before. Wetin Nigerians no fit chop? I didn’t get a clear picture of the fishes so, nothing to post.

There were empty family huts that could accommodate 6-8 people at a time. So, it’s a good place for family hang outs, birthdays and even photo shoots.

It’s not a zoo, so we didn’t see many animals around save for monkeys and a crocodile that came out to play πŸ˜‚. Plus, it was so sunny so, most of the animals go to hide under the shade.

Next stop was the tree house. This was another part of the center I enjoyed. My tour group was sooooo lively that even if you had plans of being an onlooker, you would change your mind. Plus, this life is too short not to do all of these things while you can!

The tree house is about 32feet above the ground and about 60 climbs to get to the top. I gave the tour guide to make a video of me climbing. The view was sooooo beautiful at the top. Very cool and serene. Made me feel like I was out of this noisy Lagos. I put my signature on one of the trees sha. DAMMY AASA WAS HERE. πŸ˜‚. Took me back memory lane of my secondary school days. I took pictures with the group at the top of the tree but since I don’t know them and didn’t ask for their permission, I won’t be posting their pictures. Mi o le wa je gbese.

After the tree house, there were some bird houses that I didn’t bother to check. At this point, I was too tired. The walk back to the entrance seemed even longer than when we were coming. I kept hitting my foot on the floor.

The entire walk through the center -without a stop – was about 2hours 45minutes. I enjoyed it. For real. I got home and just slept through the rest of the day. Veryyyyyy necessary.

Quick tips if you want to go to LCC

  • Don’t go when the weather is bad. Everywhere would be slippery and you’ll definitely not be allowed to do the canopy walk which is actually the greatest fun (to me anyway)
  • Go with water. Water and lots of water. I went with a bottle of juice and I regretted it. I could have swapped it for a bottle of water if I possible
  • Preferably, put on a pair of sneakers and shorts/trousers -if you’re a lady. If you don’t do trousers, atleast, put on a pair of panty hose beneath your gown or skirt so you can do the climb
  • There’s a barbecue/suya spot at the center but you can go with your snacks if you like. People could be very many at the barbecue spot.

Did I enjoy it? Of course. That’s like stating the obvious even.

What do you think? Would you love to go to LCC? I would love to hear from you.

Up the tree house